We are two professional musical artists living in the very south of Sweden. Besides singing and dancing at the theater stage we devote ourselves to the scene of Swedish 18th century antiques.

As passionate collectors we are always in search of unique and soulful objects of high quality, prefidentially painted furniture in original condition from the rococo and gustavian period (1750-1820).


It gives us great pleasure to share our aesthetics and values, and to make more people cherish and preserv genuine antiques where nothing has been removed, replaced or added for over 200 years...

An antique dealer friend once said about a wonderful rococo cabinet: "If this was a person we would be friends", and for us that pretty much summarizes what it is all about.


We only acquire antiques that truly speaks to our heart - to live with and to enjoy everyday in our combined home/showroom which we keep open by appointment. On this site we will continuously feature images from our collection in hope to inspire, and you can also follow us on Instagram (masterhenriks) for more frequent updates.


For any inquiries you are always more than welcome to contact us.


Welcome to Mäster Henriks Antik!


Magnus Lundgren & Jacob Walleberg